The Best Cabinets for Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design

Italian kitchen is very beautiful, comfortable and calming. If you’ve ever visited Italy, then the kitchen may be able to remind you of Italian countryside. However, contemporary Italian kitchens often lose that countryside atmosphere. In this article, I want to share cabinets’ ideas for contemporary Italian kitchen. The cabinets are able to create calming atmosphere, just like the ones that you can find in traditional Italian kitchens.

The first picture presents a contemporary Italian kitchen with white ceiling and walls. The kitchen even also has white floor. Lovely cream cabinets mount on walls, avoiding it from stark look. They also bring calming atmosphere into the kitchen. It’s a kind of atmosphere that can be found in traditional Italian kitchens. A few cabinets come with glass doors, so they look more interesting. You can also find cream storage units under the L-shaped kitchen countertop.

White is another main color of Italian kitchen. Therefore, white cabinets can also be considered as good choice for contemporary Italian kitchen. A contemporary Italian kitchen with white cabinets can have lovely and clean look. The cabinets may also be able to create calming nuance. However, you’ll need to bring warm color into the kitchen with white cabinets. A warm color, like brown, can help the kitchen not to have stark look. In the second picture, you can see a contemporary Italian kitchen with glossy white cabinets. There are wooden brown storage units under the white kitchen countertop. The kitchen also has unique chairs with brown seat and backrest.

I think dark wooden cabinets are the best choice for contemporary Italian kitchen. Dark wooden cabinets won’t fail to bring warmth, comfort and calm into the kitchen. They also look very beautiful and natural. Adding the dark wooden kitchen cabinets with stainless steel handles can make them look more impressive. Well, do you have a contemporary Italian kitchen? If the kitchen cannot offer you comfort, then you may need to replace the existing cabinets.