Small Beautiful Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Classy modern home building definitely has modern bathroom inside it. Classy modern bathroom can be owned by decorate with fine bathroom set. Bathroom is important private room. We can have quality bathing in this bathroom space.

Small classy modern minimalist bathroom can be have size 3’ x 5’. It consists of small walk in shower, toilet seat space, and minimalist bathroom vanity area. Glass transparent walk in shower install in the bathroom corner. This corner walk in shower uses sleek modern stainless steel shower faucet, hand shower, and water tap. Its wall and flooring with off white tile. It also has turquoise modern tile wall detailing near the corner walk in shower. In it vanity, we can choose sleek minimalist fiberboard it vanity table cabinet. Then, choose minimalist stainless steel faucet to install on the sink edge. After that, we need to install minimalist wall mirror on the bathroom vanity wall. You had better put small fur mat in front of the walk in shower door. Finally, choose green foliage to place in the bathroom access corridor. We can let the bay window naked to have beautiful sunlight through inside the bathroom.

Mini bathroom décor is unique, chic, and classy with 2’ x 1.5’ space of walk in shower. It uses glass transparent door. Its wall and flooring with unique classy marble brick tile. This walk in shower also uses modern stainless steel shower faucet, hand shower, faucet, and water tap. It uses minimalist pendant lamp on it off white color ceiling. This walk in shower has small bay window with bedroom view. In front of the bathing area, we can install towel hanger on the wall. We can design toilet area in the closer room. So, we can have our private toilet in our space. Are you interested to make your own?