Modern Luxury Bathroom Designs with Impressive Fixtures

It must be great to have a luxury bathroom. The bathroom can be used not only for taking a bath, but also for relaxing. Luxury bathroom is also able to increase the value of a house. Having a luxury bathroom is actually also a pride. Some people even love to invite their closest friends to see their luxury bathrooms. The following are modern luxury bathroom designs to impress you.

Take a look at the first luxury bathroom design. White marble tiles with natural gray stains are installed on the bathroom floor and walls. They bring luxury feel in the bathroom. The white marble tiles also look so captivating and lovely. A large and deep white bathtub stands stunningly at the end of the bathroom. A shower with ceiling-mount rain shower head is completed by glass enclosure. You can also find a white floating flush in the bathroom. The area around the flush is interestingly added with glass enclosure. Well, the glass enclosures have given nice modern touch to the luxury bathroom.

Let’s move to the second picture. It’s a modern luxury bathroom design with elegant impression. However, the bathroom also feels natural. It has awesome laminate wooden floor and wall that look so natural. A black ellipse bathtub with stainless steel arch faucet looks so elegant in the bathroom. Two white floating round sinks creates interesting and unique appearance. The fixtures are installed on the laminate wooden wall. Black and gray square tiles are installed on other walls, creating bold elegant impression.

From the second picture, you can see a spacious modern luxury bathroom with white walls and floor. The bathroom has wide corner window that offers beautiful view of snowy mountains. Lovely wooden platform with white bathtub is installed in the bathroom corner. While soaking comfortably in the bathtub, you certainly can enjoy the snowy mountains view. There is also a walk-in shower with glass enclosure in the bathroom. Modern washstand, flush and urinal in black color give elegant touch to the bathroom.