Cool Bedroom Designs with Excellent Bed

An ideal bedroom should be comfortable. However, some people are not satisfied with just a comfortable bedroom. What they want is a cool bedroom! You may be one of those people. Well, the following are cool bedroom designs with excellent bed that must be able to impress you. Take a look.

The first picture displays a cool dark bedroom design for man. The bedroom has dark gray walls and floor. Interesting light gray rug lies on the floor. Dark brown leather platform bed with stainless steel legs stands elegantly near the rug. Gray bedding set is used to complement the platform bed. A tray of black cups and jug is even put on the bed, creating even cooler look. A cool modern side table that also serves as shelving unit is set beside the bed. There is also a comfortable wooden chair with dark brown leather pads in the bedroom.

From the second picture, you can see a cool and sweet bedroom design. The bedroom design is certainly very suitable for a teenage girl. White paint color applies on the bedroom walls. A bed frame with cool pink headboard becomes the bedroom’s centerpiece. It even has built-in drawers and wheels. Striped bedding set in light purple and yellow colors adorns the bed frame. The bedroom also has a modern pink vanity with drawers. Cool mirror in pink frame hangs on wall behind the bathroom vanity. A comfortable white ottoman pairs the furniture piece.

Okay, let’s see the third picture. It’s a small kid’s bedroom design with cool red and white striped wallpaper. A cool modern bunk bed with drawers and cabinets stands in front of the striped wall. The bunk bed is even adorned with red and white striped bedding sets. Small desk and bookshelves are set in the bedroom corner. The desk is paired with white small chairs. Laminate wooden tiles decorate the bedroom floor. Attractive rectangular red rug lies on the floor. Finally, it comes the time for you to create your own cool bedroom. Remember that creating a cool bedroom doesn’t have to require great budget. Just rely on your creativity!