Charming Narrow Bathroom Decor Ideas with Bathtub

Don’t be sad if your bathroom is narrow. In this article, I want to share narrow bathroom decor ideas. I promise that the ideas can help you to enhance the look and feel of your narrow bathroom. Well, enjoy reading.

It’s a lovely narrow bathroom with pink and white wallpapers. If I’m not mistaken, they are nature-themed wallpapers with trees images. The wallpapers attach on upper walls of the bathroom. Meanwhile, small white tiles are installed on the lower walls. Although the bathroom is narrow, it can still accommodate a nice white bathtub. The fixture is set in the bathroom corner. There is a white washstand near the bathtub. It’s adorned with sweet pink flowers. A small green chair stands beside the washstand. Striped colorful rug lies on the bathroom floor, creating beautiful look. If you are a girl or woman, I’m sure that you really love these first bathroom decor ideas.

The second picture displays a cool narrow bathroom that can be suitable for many people, not limited to woman. Tiny blue tiles are installed on the bathroom floor, creating very cool impression. They also decorate one wall of the bathroom. Meanwhile, the other walls have elegant dark gray color. Skylight and glass windows help the bathroom to appear brighter. A white rectangular bathtub is installed at the end of the bathroom. The other bathroom fixtures include white flush, urinal and floating sink. The floating sink has cool rectangular shape and it is paired by wall-mount stainless steel faucet.

Having a narrow bathroom is actually not a bad thing. The bathroom will even stimulate your creativity. If you have a narrow bathroom, then you must try to find ways or ideas to make it more beautiful and comfortable. I hope the decor ideas above can really help you to enhance a narrow bathroom. Good luck!