Online Accredited Degrees – Why All Online Degrees Are Not the Same

Unfortunately for individuals who desire to study online, not all online degrees are fashioned alike. There are some degrees which employers will be tremendously impressed by, and other degrees, which will make a potential employer chuckle in disbelief. What’s the chief dissimilarity among the two? Accreditation is the answer. Accreditation is what separates a genuine Read More


Takeshi Kitano’s Zatoichi is a remarkable achievement and definitely his finest film in a career which so far has been just as remarkable. With Zatoichi, many must be wondering if the mantle of Japan’s greatest film director, Akira Kurosawa, has finally been passed on. As with many of Kurosawa’s films, Zatoichi is, at one level Read More

The Upside of Anger

There is a view, expressed at the film’s end, that there is an “upside of anger”. Certainly there are some very angry characters in the movie created by some very fine performers and performances. Kevin Costner, for example as Denny, a once-great baseball star turned radio DJ gives what may be his finest performance as Read More

Broadway: The Golden Age by the legends who were there

Rick McKay’s Broadway: The Golden Age by the legends who were there is an interesting film. Rick McKay sought to answer one question. Did the Golden Age of Broadway really exist? “So, with no crew, no budget and one digital camera, the former actor-singer set out on a five-year journey that took him to four Read More


Everything in the life of David is broken. Any trace of positive human emotion has been drained from him during his short life. David or Tsotsi as he is known, (a type of South African shanty-town street gangster) takes us on a powerful unconventional “road movie” of sorts as we journey into the interior of Read More

The Yes Men

“The Yes Men” is an important film for two main reasons. First of all it further demonises a body whose stated purpose is in sharp contrast to its results, and which acts to continue to impoverish those who its propaganda purports to free. Secondly the film outlines the yes men’s unique method of protest which Read More

Saw II Movie Review

Given that a horror film or thriller packed with shocks generates so much revenue for film companies, it is curious that reviewers and film lovers so often relegate these genres to a sort of “B” class. One of the reasons for this, one suspects, is because so many horror/schlock films rapidly deteriorate from a weak Read More